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Turn turtle metrics from NetLogo in spatial data objects


nl_to_points(nl, coords)



nl object


nl object


tibble with spatial data objects


Converts measured metrics.turtles into spatial sf point objects. In order to so, a pair of turtle coordinates needs to be measured. Any additional metrics will be stored as properties of the spatial points. Because turtle coordinates in NetLogo can be measured in two formats, pxcor/pycor or xcor/ycor coordinates, the type of coordinate used for transformation to spatial objects need to be defined, using the parameter coords: "px" for pxcor/pycor coordinates, "x" for xcor/ycor coordinates.

In order to use this function, simulation results need to be attached to the nl object first.


# Load nl object (with spatial output data already attached) from test data:
nl <- nl_spatial

# Convert turtle metrics (pxcor/pycor) to spatial point objects:
results.sf <- nl_to_points(nl, coords="px")