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Add a full-factorial simdesign to a nl object


simdesign_ff(nl, nseeds)



nl object with a defined experiment


number of seeds for this simulation design


simdesign S4 class object


This function creates a simdesign S4 class which can be added to a nl object.

Variables in the experiment variable list need to provide a vector of distinct values (e.g. list(values=c(1,2,3,4)). Or a sequence definition with min, max and step (e.g. list=(min=1, max=4, step=1)). If both (values and sequence) are defined, the full-factorial design gives priority to the values.

The full-factorial simdesign uses these defined parameter ranges within the nl object. A full-factorial matrix of all parameter combinations is created as input tibble for the simdesign. Finally, the function reports a simdesign object.


# To attach a simdesign, a nl object needs to be created first (see ?nl).
# For this example, we load a nl object from test data.

nl <- nl_ff
nl@simdesign <- simdesign_ff(nl = nl, nseeds = 3)
#> Creating full factorial simulation design