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Add a simple simdesign to a nl object


simdesign_simple(nl, nseeds)



nl object with a defined experiment


number of seeds for this simulation design


simdesign S4 class object


This function creates a simdesign S4 class which can be added to a nl object. The simple simdesign only uses model parameters that are defined in the constants field of the experiment object within the nl object. Thus, the resulting input tibble of the simdesign has only one run with constant parameterisations. This can be useful to run one simulation with a specific parameterset. Finally, the function reports a simdesign object.


# To attach a simdesign, a nl object needs to be created first (see ?nl).
# For this example, we load a nl object from test data.

nl <- nl_simple
nl@simdesign <- simdesign_simple(nl = nl, nseeds = 3)
#> Creating simple simulation design