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Write attached NetLogo simulation output to file


write_simoutput(nl, outpath = NA)



nl object


optional path to directory where output is written

Write NetLogo simulation output to a csv file in the directory outpath of the nl object Output has to be attached to the simdesign first with simoutput(nl) <- results The outpath argument can be optionally used to write output to a different directory than the defined outpath of the nl object.


# Load nl object including output data from testdata
nl <- nl_lhs

# Write output to outpath directory
write_simoutput(nl, outpath=tempdir())
#> Warning: The `path` argument of `write_csv()` is deprecated as of readr 1.4.0.
#>  Please use the `file` argument instead.
#>  The deprecated feature was likely used in the nlrx package.
#>   Please report the issue at <>.