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Produces customisable images of OpenStreetMap (OSM) data and enables data visualisation using OSM objects. Extracts data using the overpass API. Contains the following functions, data, and vignettes.

Data Functions

Basic Plotting Functions (without data)

Advanced Plotting Functions (with data)

Colour Manipulation Functions

  • adjust_colours: Lighted or darken given colours by specified amount

  • colour_mat: Generate continuous 2D spatial matrix of colours

Other Functions

  • get_bbox: return bounding box from input vector


  • london: OSM Data from a small portion of central London


  • basic-maps: Describes basics of downloading data and making custom maps

  • data-maps: Describes how map elements can be coloured according to user-provided data, whether categorical or continuous


Maintainer: Mark Padgham


  • Richard Beare

Other contributors:

  • Finkelstein Noam (Author of included stub.R code) [contributor, copyright holder]

  • Bartnik Lukasz (Author of included stub.R code) [contributor, copyright holder]