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There are some differences in how function across rgbif behave with respect to many values given to a single parameter. Typically as a user does need to worry about these details, but it can sometimes make a difference.

# multiple API requests 

# single API request 

In occ_search, there are some parameters you can pass multiple values to in a vector, each value of which produces a different request c("a","b"). Some parameters allow multiple values to be passed in the same request in a semicolon separated string "a;b". Only one argument at a time can have multiple values in different requests.

# works
occ_search(taxonKey="1;2",basisOfRecord = c("PRESERVED_SPECIMEN","LIVING_SPECIMEN","MATERIAL_CITATION"))

# will give error 
occ_search(taxonKey=c(1,2),basisOfRecord = c("PRESERVED_SPECIMEN","LIVING_SPECIMEN","MATERIAL_CITATION"))

The following table describes whether an argument for occ_search or occ_data will take multiple values in the same request.

arg different same
basisOfRecord X X
classKey X X
country X X
familyKey X X
genusKey X X
identifiedByID X X
kingdomKey X X
license X X
locality X X
catalogNumber X X
collectionCode X X
continent X X
datasetKey X X
establishmentMeans X X
speciesKey X X
establishmentMeans X X
degreeOfEstablishment X X
protocol X X
license X X
organismId X X
publishingOrg X X
stateProvince X X
waterBody X X
locality X X
basisOfRecord X X
gadmGid X X
verbatimScientificName X X
eventId X X
identifiedBy X X
networkKey X X
occurrenceId X X
iucnRedListCategory X X
lifeStage X X
geometry X X
institutionCode X X
mediaType X X
orderKey X X
organismId X X
phylumKey X X
protocol X X
publishingCountry X X
publishingOrg X X
recordedBy X X
recordedByID X X
recordNumber X X
scientificName X X
stateProvince X X
subgenusKey X X
taxonKey X X
typeStatus X X
waterBody X X
depth X
limit X
q X
year X
repatriated X
lastInterpreted X
decimalLatitude X
decimalLongitude X
coordinateUncertaintyInMeters X
organismQuantity X
organismQuantityType X
relativeOrganismQuantity X
isInCluster X
occurrenceStatus X