Facetted count occurrence search.

count_facet(keys = NULL, by = "country", countries = 10, removezeros = FALSE)



(numeric) GBIF keys, a vector. optional


(character) One of georeferenced, basisOfRecord, country, or publishingCountry. default: country


(numeric) Number of countries to facet on, or a vector of country names. default: 10


(logical) remove zeros or not? default: FALSE


if (FALSE) { # Select number of countries to facet on count_facet(by='country', countries=3, removezeros = TRUE) # Or, pass in country names count_facet(by='country', countries='AR', removezeros = TRUE) spplist <- c('Geothlypis trichas','Tiaris olivacea','Pterodroma axillaris', 'Calidris ferruginea','Pterodroma macroptera', 'Gallirallus australis', 'Falco cenchroides','Telespiza cantans','Oreomystis bairdi', 'Cistothorus palustris') keys <- sapply(spplist, function(x) name_backbone(x, rank="species")$usageKey) count_facet(keys, by='country', countries=3, removezeros = TRUE) count_facet(keys, by='country', countries=3, removezeros = FALSE) count_facet(by='country', countries=20, removezeros = TRUE) count_facet(keys, by='basisOfRecord', countries=5, removezeros = TRUE) # Pass in country names instead countries <- isocodes$code[1:10] count_facet(by='country', countries=countries, removezeros = TRUE) # get occurrences by georeferenced state ## across all records count_facet(by='georeferenced') ## by keys count_facet(keys, by='georeferenced') # by basisOfRecord count_facet(by="basisOfRecord") }