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A quick and simple autocomplete service that returns up to 20 name usages by doing prefix matching against the scientific name. Results are ordered by relevance.


  q = NULL,
  datasetKey = NULL,
  rank = NULL,
  fields = NULL,
  start = NULL,
  limit = 100,
  curlopts = list()



(character, required) Simple search parameter. The value for this parameter can be a simple word or a phrase. Wildcards can be added to the simple word parameters only, e.g. q=puma


(character) Filters by the checklist dataset key (a uuid, see examples)


(character) A taxonomic rank. One of class, cultivar, cultivar_group, domain, family, form, genus, informal, infrageneric_name, infraorder, infraspecific_name, infrasubspecific_name, kingdom, order, phylum, section, series, species, strain, subclass, subfamily, subform, subgenus, subkingdom, suborder, subphylum, subsection, subseries, subspecies, subtribe, subvariety, superclass, superfamily, superorder, superphylum, suprageneric_name, tribe, unranked, or variety.


(character) Fields to return in output data.frame (simply prunes columns off)


Record number to start at. Default: 0. Use in combination with limit to page through results.


Number of records to return. Default: 100. Maximum: 1000.


list of named curl options passed on to HttpClient. see curl::curl_options for curl options


A list, with two elements data (tibble) and hierarchy (list of data.frame's). If 'higherClassificationMap' is one of the fields requested, then hierarchy is a list of data.frame's; if not included, hierarchy

is an empty list.

Repeat parmeter inputs

Some parameters can take many inputs, and treated as 'OR' (e.g., a or b or c). The following take many inputs:

  • rank

  • datasetKey


if (FALSE) {
name_suggest(q='Puma concolor')
name_suggest(q='Puma', rank="genus")
name_suggest(q='Puma', rank="subspecies")
name_suggest(q='Puma', rank="species")
name_suggest(q='Puma', rank="infraspecific_name")

name_suggest(q='Puma', limit=2)
name_suggest(q='Puma', fields=c('key','canonicalName'))
name_suggest(q='Puma', fields=c('key','canonicalName',

# Some parameters accept many inputs, treated as OR
name_suggest(rank = c("family", "genus"))
name_suggest(datasetKey = c("73605f3a-af85-4ade-bbc5-522bfb90d847",

# If 'higherClassificationMap' in fields, a list is returned
name_suggest(q='Puma', fields=c('key','higherClassificationMap'))

# Pass on curl options
name_suggest(q='Puma', limit=200, curlopts = list(verbose=TRUE))