Get number of occurrence records.

  taxonKey = NULL,
  georeferenced = NULL,
  basisOfRecord = NULL,
  datasetKey = NULL,
  date = NULL,
  typeStatus = NULL,
  country = NULL,
  year = NULL,
  from = 2000,
  to = 2012,
  type = "count",
  publishingCountry = "US",
  protocol = NULL,
  curlopts = list()



Species key


Return only occurrence records with lat/long data (TRUE) or those that don't have that data (FALSE, default). Note that you can also get record count with occ_search() by setting limit=0


Basis of record


Dataset key


Collection date


A type status. See typestatus() dataset for options


Country data was collected in, two letter abbreviation. See for abbreviations.


Year data were collected in


Year to start at


Year to end at


One of count (default), schema, basisOfRecord, countries, or year.


Publishing country, two letter ISO country code


Protocol. E.g., 'DWC_ARCHIVE'


list of named curl options passed on to HttpClient. see curl::curl_options for curl options


A single numeric value, or a list of numerics.


There is a slight difference in the way records are counted here vs. results from occ_search(). For equivalent outcomes, in the occ_search() function use hasCoordinate=TRUE, and hasGeospatialIssue=FALSE to have the same outcome for this function using georeferenced=TRUE.

Supported dimensions

That is, there are only a certain set of supported query parameter combinations that GBIF allows on this API route. They can be found with the call occ_count(type='schema'). They are also presented below:

  • basisOfRecord

  • basisOfRecord, country

  • basisOfRecord, country, isGeoreferenced

  • basisOfRecord, country, isGeoreferenced, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, country, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, datasetKey

  • basisOfRecord, datasetKey, isGeoreferenced

  • basisOfRecord, datasetKey, isGeoreferenced, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, datasetKey, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, isGeoreferenced, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, isGeoreferenced, publishingCountry

  • basisOfRecord, isGeoreferenced, publishingCountry, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, publishingCountry

  • basisOfRecord, publishingCountry, taxonKey

  • basisOfRecord, taxonKey

  • country

  • country, datasetKey, isGeoreferenced

  • country, isGeoreferenced

  • country, isGeoreferenced, publishingCountry

  • country, isGeoreferenced, taxonKey

  • country, publishingCountry

  • country, taxonKey

  • country, typeStatus

  • datasetKey

  • datasetKey, isGeoreferenced

  • datasetKey, isGeoreferenced, taxonKey

  • datasetKey, issue

  • datasetKey, taxonKey

  • datasetKey, typeStatus

  • isGeoreferenced

  • isGeoreferenced, publishingCountry

  • isGeoreferenced, publishingCountry, taxonKey

  • isGeoreferenced, taxonKey

  • issue

  • publishingCountry

  • publishingCountry, taxonKey

  • publishingCountry, typeStatus

  • taxonKey

  • taxonKey, typeStatus

  • typeStatus

  • protocol

  • year



if (FALSE) { occ_count(basisOfRecord='OBSERVATION') occ_count(georeferenced=TRUE) occ_count(country='DE') occ_count(country='CA', georeferenced=TRUE, basisOfRecord='OBSERVATION') occ_count(datasetKey='9e7ea106-0bf8-4087-bb61-dfe4f29e0f17') occ_count(year=2012) occ_count(taxonKey=2435099) occ_count(taxonKey=2435099, georeferenced=TRUE) # Just schema occ_count(type='schema') # Counts by basisOfRecord types occ_count(type='basisOfRecord') # Counts by basisOfRecord types and taxonkey occ_count(taxonKey=2435099, basisOfRecord='OBSERVATION') # Counts by typeStatus occ_count(typeStatus='ALLOTYPE') occ_count(typeStatus='HOLOTYPE') # Counts by countries. publishingCountry must be supplied (default to US) occ_count(type='countries') # Counts by year. from and to years have to be supplied, default to 2000 # and 2012 occ_count(type='year', from=2000, to=2012) # Counts by publishingCountry, must supply a country (default to US) occ_count(type='publishingCountry') occ_count(type='publishingCountry', country='BZ') # Pass on curl options occ_count(type='year', from=2000, to=2012, curlopts = list(verbose = TRUE)) }