Takes lines and removes the start and end point, to a distance determined by the user.

geo_toptail(l, toptail_dist, ...)



A SpatialLines object


The distance (in metres) to top and tail the line by. Can either be a single value or a vector of the same length as the SpatialLines object.


Arguments passed to rgeos::gBuffer()


Note: toptailgs() is around 10 times faster, but only works on data with geographic CRS's due to its reliance on the geosphere package.

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lib_versions <- sf::sf_extSoftVersion() lib_versions
#> GEOS GDAL proj.4 GDAL_with_GEOS USE_PROJ_H #> "3.8.0" "3.0.4" "6.3.1" "true" "true" #> PROJ #> "6.3.1"
# dont test due to issues with sp classes on some set-ups if (lib_versions[3] >= "6.3.1") { # l <- routes_fast[2:4, ] # to run with sp classes l <- routes_fast_sf[2:4, ] l_top_tail <- geo_toptail(l, 300) l_top_tail plot(sf::st_geometry(l_top_tail)) plot(sf::st_geometry(geo_toptail(l, 600)), lwd = 9, add = TRUE) }