stplanr 0.8.4 Unreleased

  • No longer Suggests bench package
  • Tests pass when internet unavailable (#469)

stplanr 0.8.3 2021-07-22

  • Outputs of line_via() now have correct CRS
  • calc_catchment() have been deprecated because the generate warnings
  • Minor fixes and improvements in the package’s documentation

stplanr 0.8.2 2021-04-06

  • Bug fixed related to the route() function: it silently failed when pbapply not installed. The package was promoted from Suggests to Imports (#460)

stplanr 0.8.1 2021-01-07

  • Thanks to the styler package, code in stplanr now adheres to a consistent style (using arrow <- assignment despite the maintainer’s default of equals = assignment - many = had been introduced accidentally!)
  • New function rnet_group() groups route network elements (#403)
  • overline() now converts MULTILINESTRING geometries to LINESTRINGS automatically
  • Routing on the network using sum_network_routes() now returns a linestring for routes that start where they end (i.e. no travel) (#444)
  • Routing using route_local() fixed: the l argument now works (#448)
  • New route_osrm() function (#449)
  • rnet_breakup_vertices() is now way faster, thanks to Andrea Gilardi and others (#416)
  • rnet_group() is now a generic function that works with sfNetwork objects (#455)
  • route_osrm() provides easy access to multi-modal routing (#449)
  • Bug in route() function’s calculation of bbox attributes fixed (#452)

stplanr 0.8.0 2020-10-28

stplanr 0.7.2 2020-09-04

  • Support sf objects for toptail_buff()
  • Updated examples for tests and README to enable tests to pass on legacy versions of PROJ (#423)
  • Reduce vulnerability to upcoming upstream changes (#426)

stplanr 0.7.1 2020-08-28

  • Tweaks to the documentation and examples for CRAN tests

stplanr 0.7.0 2020-08-27

  • Issue with line2points() on some set-ups fixed (#418)
  • Old mapshape(), line_match() and gclip() functions deprecated, maintained alternatives can now be found in other packages.
  • sp objects updated for latest version of sp (#364)
  • sf objects updated to support more recent CRS encoding (#393)
  • Deprecated functions including od_aggregate(), onewayid(), gtfs2sldf(), and od_radiation() have been removed

stplanr 0.6.2 2020-07-08

New features

  • New interface to Google Directions API via mapsapi package (#410)
  • New quiet argument in overline() makes it less chatty

stplanr 0.6.1 2020-06-23


stplanr 0.6.0 2020-05-03


  • Bug in SpatialLinesNetwork() fixed thanks to Andrea Gilardi (#394)
  • Updated documentation for finding shortest paths
  • Check start and end arguments in short path calculations are numeric
  • dodgr removed as Suggests until it’s back on CRAN (#398)
  • Updates to dplyr code to prevent warnings when using the dev version (#395)


  • Improvements to route() allowing you to save a list of raw outputs and use data.table for faster performance if available
  • A fleet of new route_rolling_*() functions have been added:
  • geo_toptail() function now has sf implementation (#390)
  • New cl argument in route() for parallel routing (#388)
  • New and updated datasets representing od_data_sample in different ways: od_data_lines and od_data_routes
  • route_graphhopper() deprecated (#389)
  • Old functions that use legacy sp and dplyr code, sp_aggregate and od_aggregate, have been deprecated
  • New work-in-progress route_slope*() functions

stplanr 0.5.2 2020-04-06


  • Documentation fixes (#384)
  • A bug affecting route() function calls when pbapply was not installed has been fixed (#386)
  • oneway() has been deprecated in favour of faster and easier-to-maintain function od_oneway() (also see the in-development od package) (#387)
  • Various other changes have been made to accomodate the dev version of dplyr (#383)

stplanr 0.5.1 2020-03-01

  • Changes for compatibility with R 4.0.0

stplanr 0.5.0 2020-01-26

  • route_graphhopper() should now work with a local graphhopper instance. See
  • The old line2route() function now works with routing functions that return sf objects
  • The new route() function is now more resilient, providing a progress bar if you have pbapply package installed, returning a result even if some routes failed, and telling you which routes failed
  • The package has fewer dependencies, readr, openxlsx and lubridate removed
  • Deprecated function buff_geo() removed


stplanr 0.4.1 2019-11-23


stplanr 0.4.0 2019-10-13



  • Bugs in route_dodgr() and associated examples fixed (#348)
  • Annoying message printed on load removed (#355)


  • Andrea Gilardi added as author.
  • Deprecated functions related to road crash (STATS19) data removed

stplanr 0.3.1 2019-09-17

  • stplanr now has a logo! See #334
  • line_to_points() depreciated in favour of od2line(), the latter function name being more consistent with the package’s other functions
  • line2pointsn() now works with sf objects
  • Documentation fixes - see #329


  • Various improvements made to the stplanr-od vignette, thanks to Edward Leigh
  • URLs updated to link to stplanr’s new, official website:

stplanr 0.3.0 2019-07-30


  • New functions od_to_odmatrix() and odmatrix_to_od() to convert between matrix forms of origin-destination data
  • New function od_oneway() replaces onewayid(), works better and is twice as fast
  • New od_id*() functions provide a range of ways to convert origin-destination pair IDs into a single ID. See Stackoverflow and the issue tracker
  • New vignette stplanr-od provides detailed documentation on the package’s OD data handling capabilities

stplanr 0.2.10 2019-05-18

  • Fix in documentation. See #311

stplanr 0.2.9 2019-05-10



stplanr 0.2.8 2019-03-22



stplanr 0.2.7 2019-01-07



  • Fixed #272 by removing byvars argument of overline in preparation for overdue overhaul of overline function.


  • No longer suggests tmap to reduce install times: install.packages() installs suggested packages by default

stplanr 0.2.6 2018-10-20



  • Issue with dl_stats19(), see #270
  • Make style consistent, see commit
  • Various small fixes to documentation and style

stplanr 0.2.5 2018-06-02


  • New function line_via() for identifying intermediary points on a transport network


stplanr 0.2.4 2018-05-19


  • New function geo_length() returns numeric vector of line lengths from sp or sf objects.


  • ?route_graphhopper no longer mentions the depreciated ‘bike2’ profile - see #246
  • ?route_osrm mentions that the public API only routes for cars - see #246
  • Updated introducing-stplanr vignette to show new function and make more robust

stplanr 0.2.3 2018-03-06



stplanr 0.2.2 2017-12-19


  • In this release sp is demoted from a Depends to an Imports, meaning that all its functions will not be attached to your namespace (it will not be loaded) when you run library(stplanr), making it less tied to sp. This is a continuation of the work to support sf and will make it easier for the package to work with alternative representations of geographic data.


  • Bug in geo_select_aeq.sf() was fixed by Jakub Nowosad in pull #238
  • An issue with od_aggregate.sf() was fixed making it much faster

stplanr 0.2.0 Unreleased


  • This is the largest release since the package was created, with dozens of changes to support simple features - see for details.
  • Support for sf. The package now support the new spatial class system for most functions.
  • New function geo_bb() supercedes bb2poly(). The new function can return polygons, points and matrix objects determined by the output argument. It also allows bounding boxes to be extended in metres, and scaled in x and y dimensions.
  • geo_code() now uses nominatim by default to find locations on the maps.
  • New function od_coords() takes a wide range of input data types to return a consistent output representing OD data as a data frame of origin and destination coordinates. This is used behind the scenes to make other functions more modular.


Plans for the next release

  • New generic route() function for routing. This is more flexible and user-friendly than the existing line2route() and route_*() functions it enhances.
  • Updated function names to make using stplanr easier and more intuitive.

stplanr 0.1.9 2017-07-12


  • Dependency cull: we have removed dependencies on foreach and doParallel
  • route_cyclestreet() now also called (correctly) route_cyclestreets()
  • New geo_code() function replaces dependency on RGoogleMaps


stplanr 0.1.8 2017-06-02



  • Serious bug with SpatialLinesNetwork() fixed.
  • Depreciated _each() dplyr functions replaced with equivalent _at or _all functions.

stplanr 0.1.7 2016-12-23


  • There is a new vignette! See vignettes/stplanr-paper.Rmd and vignette("stplanr-paper") for details.
  • The original introducing-stplanr vignette has been updated. It now provides a more basic introduction for people new to R for spatial and transport data.
  • line2route() has been refactored to improve error detection and allow n_processes arguments. Thanks @nikolai-b. See pull/151 for details.
  • line_match() function added, a wrapper around rgeos::gDistance(), to find similar routes.
  • RCurl and data.table dependencies have been removed
  • leaflet has been demoted from an import to a suggest. This should reduce install times.
  • New functions od_aggregate() and sp_aggregate() have been added, to enable OD data to be aggregated to new geographic levels.


  • #141 fixed: viaroute() works again.
  • #153 fixed: bidirectional = TRUE returns a different result in line_bearing() now.


  • A new branch that uses sf is being tested. We may eventually transition to using simple features classes instead of sp classes.

stplanr 0.1.6 2016-11-11


  • onewayid() is now a generic function, meaning it can handle spatial and non-spatial data
  • New arguments provided for line2route() allow you to specify variables to join-by - also has updated and more sensible defaults
  • New function od_id_order() to put origin-destination ids in order, to identify 2 way duplicates (split out from onewayid())


  • See the issue tracker
  • Bug in route_cyclestreet() leading change_elev and av_incline being wrong now fixed
  • Bug making variable names with spaces in the id columns failed - now fixed #138

stplanr 0.1.5


  • New argument destinations added to od2line(). See example(od2line) for an example.
  • New dataset destinations for showing how OD matrix with destinations can be converted to spatial data
  • New argument list_output allows the route information to be saved as a list, allowing save_raw = TRUE (which does not return a Spatial object) to be passed to the route_ function.
  • tmap dependency removed for faster installs


stplanr 0.1.4


  • New function reproject() is a simple wrapper around spTransform() that uses crs_select_aeq() to convert a spatial object in geographic (lat/lon) coordinates into on with projected coordinates, with units of 1 m. This is useful for various spatial operations, such as finding the length and area of an object.

  • Implement gprojected(), a function for performing GIS operations on a temporary, projected, version of spatial objects.

  • Addition of line_bearing() to return the bearing of lines based on start and end points.

  • Addition of angle_diff() for finding the angular difference between lines: are they roughly parallel or perpendicular?


  • line2df() now works on lines with multiple vertices and is faster.

  • Fixes in the examples used to illustrate how od_dist() works.

stplanr 0.1.3


  • Update to OSRM functions to support API v5.

  • New parameter byvars in the overline() function, to allow disaggregation of results by a grouping variable (see example(overline)).

  • Faster implementation of od2line(): od2line2(). Plan is to replace the original if no issues are found with new implementation.

  • New function od2odf() which converts OD data into a dataframe of origins and destinations (feeds od2line2() but also useful as self-standing function).

  • New argument new_proj in buff_geo() allows the results to be exported to any coordinate reference system (CRS).

  • New function gprojected() generalises concept of buff_geo(), building on crs_select_aeq() to allow any GIS query to be conducted on a temporary projected version of spatial objects with geographical CRSs.

  • New function od_dist() can quickly calculate Euclidean distances of OD pairs without converting to spatial objects.


  • Bug fix in onewayid() so it captures all lines.

  • Various improvements to documentation and code.

stplanr 0.1.2


  • Interface to the Google Distance Matrix API with dist_google.

  • New transport planning API added, with route_transportapi_public (for testing).

  • Update to line2route, allowing it to accept different routing funtions via the new argument route_fun (for testing - tested with route_fun = route_cyclestreet).

  • New functions for creating origin-destination data frames (point2odf) and SpatialLinesDataFrames (points2flow).

  • Addition of n_vertices and is_linepoint for identifying the number of vertices in spatial objects and whether the ‘line’ is really a point.


  • line2route refactored, with 10 fold speed increases on large (1000+) batches of lines.

stplanr 0.1.0


  • Addition of new class definition SpatialLinesNetwork, methods for plot and summary and functions calc_network_routes and find_network_nodes allowing fast route calculations via igraph and other network analysis functions.

  • Functions for removing beginning and end of lines: toptail and toptailgs. Helper functions buff_geo, crs_select_aeq and line2points added.

  • Functionality for reading in the UK’s stats19 data: read_stats19_* functions download, unzip and re-categorise the data.

  • read_table functions added for reading Australian OD data.

  • decode_gl added to decode Google polylines and other functions for querying and reading data from OSRM services.

  • gtfs2sldf added to import GTFS routes as SpatialLinesDataFrames.

stplanr 0.0.2

  • Published on CRAN