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Flow data often contains movement in two directions: from point A to point B and then from B to A. This can be problematic for transport planning, because the magnitude of flow along a route can be masked by flows the other direction. If only the largest flow in either direction is captured in an analysis, for example, the true extent of travel will by heavily under-estimated for OD pairs which have similar amounts of travel in both directions.


onewaygeo(x, attrib)



A dataset containing linestring geometries


A text string containing the name of the line's attribute to aggregate or a numeric vector of the columns to be aggregated


onewaygeo outputs a SpatialLinesDataFrame with single lines and user-selected attribute values that have been aggregated. Only lines with a distance (i.e. not intra-zone flows) are included


This function aggregates directional flows into non-directional flows, potentially halving the number of lines objects and reducing the number of overlapping lines to zero.