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Get citation for datasets used





(character) Result of call to occ_search(), occ_data(), occ_download_get(), occ_download_meta(), a dataset key, or occurrence key (character or numeric)


list with S3 class assigned, used by a print method to pretty print citation information. Though you can unclass the output or just index to the named items as needed.


Returns a set of citations, one for each dataset. We pull out unique dataset keys and get citations, so the length of citations may not be equal to the number of records you pass in.

Currently, this function gives back citations at the dataset level, not at the individual occurrence level. If occurrence keys are passed in, then we track down the dataset the key is from, and get the citation for the dataset.


if (FALSE) {

# character class inputs
## pass in a dataset key
## pass in an occurrence key
# gbif_citation(x='1101144669')

# pass in an occurrence key as a numeric (won't work for a dataset key)
# gbif_citation(x=1101144669)

# Downloads
## occ_download_get()
# d1 <- occ_download(pred("country", "BG"), pred_gte("year", 2020))
# occ_download_meta(d1) # wait until status = succeeded
# d1 <- occ_download_get(d1, overwrite = TRUE)
# gbif_citation(d1)

## occ_download_meta()
# key <- "0000122-171020152545675"
# res <- occ_download_meta(key)
# gbif_citation(res)