Get a download from GBIF.

occ_download_get(key, path = ".", overwrite = FALSE, ...)



A key generated from a request, like that from occ_download


Path to write zip file to. Default: ".", with a .zip appended to the end.


Will only overwrite existing path if TRUE.


named curl options passed on to crul::verb-GET. see curl::curl_options() for curl options


Downloads the zip file to a directory you specify on your machine. crul::HttpClient() is used internally to write the zip file to disk. See crul::writing-options. This function only downloads the file. See occ_download_import to open a downloaded file in your R session. The speed of this function is of course proportional to the size of the file to download. For example, a 58 MB file on my machine took about 26 seconds.


see downloads for an overview of GBIF downloads methods

See also


if (FALSE) { occ_download_get("0000066-140928181241064") occ_download_get("0003983-140910143529206", overwrite = TRUE) }