Check for downloads already in your GBIF account

  body = NULL,
  type = "and",
  format = "DWCA",
  user = NULL,
  pwd = NULL,
  email = NULL,
  refresh = FALSE,
  age = 30,
  curlopts = list()



For occ_download() and occ_download_prep(), one or more objects of class occ_predicate or occ_predicate_list, created by pred* functions (see download_predicate_dsl). If you use this, don't use body parameter.


if you prefer to pass in the payload yourself, use this parameter. if use this, don't pass anythig to the dots. accepts either an R list, or JSON. JSON is likely easier, since the JSON library jsonlite requires that you unbox strings that shouldn't be auto-converted to arrays, which is a bit tedious for large queries. optional


(character) One of equals (=), and (&), or (|), lessThan (<), lessThanOrEquals (<=), greaterThan (>), greaterThanOrEquals (>=), in, within, not (!), like, isNotNull


(character) The download format. One of 'DWCA' (default), 'SIMPLE_CSV', or 'SPECIES_LIST'


(character) User name within GBIF's website. Required. See "Authentication" below


(character) User password within GBIF's website. Required. See "Authentication" below


(character) Email address to recieve download notice done email. Required. See "Authentication" below


(logical) refresh your list of downloads. on the first request of each R session we'll cache your stored GBIF occurrence downloads locally. you can refresh this list by setting refresh=TRUE; if you're in the same R session, and you've done many download requests, then refreshing may be a good idea if you're using this function


(integer) number of days after which you want a new download. default: 30


list of named curl options passed on to HttpClient. see curl::curl_options for curl options


see downloads for an overview of GBIF downloads methods

See also


if (FALSE) { # these are examples from the package maintainer's account; # outcomes will vary by user occ_download_cached(pred_gte("elevation", 12000L)) occ_download_cached(pred("catalogNumber", 217880)) occ_download_cached(pred_gte("decimalLatitude", 65), pred_lte("decimalLatitude", -65), type="or") occ_download_cached(pred_gte("elevation", 12000L)) occ_download_cached(pred_gte("elevation", 12000L), refresh = TRUE) }