attachment_link(data_tbl, form_schema, att_path = "media")



The downloaded submissions from submission_export read into a tibble by readr::read_csv.


The form_schema for the submissions. E.g. the output of ruODK::form_schema().


A local path, default: "media" (as per .csv.zip export). Selected columns of the dataframe (containing attchment filenames) are prefixed with att_path, thus turning them into relative paths.


The dataframe with attachment columns modified to contain relative paths to the downloaded attachment files.

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if (FALSE) { t <- tempdir() # See vignette("setup") for setup and authentication options # ruODK::ru_setup(svc = "....svc", un = "[email protected]", pw = "...") # Predict filenames (with knowledge of form) fid <- get_default_fid() fid_csv <- fs::path(t, glue::glue("{fid}.csv")) fid_csv_tae <- fs::path(t, glue::glue("{fid}-taxon_encounter.csv")) fs <- form_schema() # Download the zip file se <- ruODK::submission_export( local_dir = t, overwrite = FALSE, verbose = TRUE ) # Unpack the zip file f <- unzip(se, exdir = t) fs::dir_ls(t) # Prepend attachments with media/ to turn into relative file paths data_quadrat <- fid_csv %>% readr::read_csv(na = c("", "NA", "na")) %>% janitor::clean_names() %>% handle_ru_datetimes(fs) %>% attachment_link(fs) }