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Extract coordinates from OD data


od2odf(flow, zones)



A data frame representing origin-destination data. The first two columns of this data frame should correspond to the first column of the data in the zones. Thus in cents_sf(), the first column is geo_code. This corresponds to the first two columns of flow().


A spatial object representing origins (and destinations if no separate destinations object is provided) of travel.


Origin-destination (OD) data is often provided in the form of 1 line per OD pair, with zone codes of the trip origin in the first column and the zone codes of the destination in the second column (see the vignette("stplanr-od")) for details. od2odf() creates an 'origin-destination data frame', with columns containing origin and destination codes (flow) that match the first column in a a spatial (polygon or point sf) object (zones).

The function returns a data frame with coordinates for the origin and destination.


od2odf(flow[1:2, ], zones_sf)
#> Converting geometry ID from factor to character
#>             o         d        ox       oy        dx       dy
#> 1   E02002361 E02002361 -1.514962 53.82911 -1.514962 53.82911
#> 1.1 E02002361 E02002363 -1.514962 53.82911 -1.535734 53.82863