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This function adds a helper method, AddTexture, to the C# script. This function is typically used to add textures to heightmaps in a Unity scene, for instance by functions like create_terrain. It requires some arguments be provided at the C# level, and so is almost always called with exec = FALSE.


add_texture(script, method_name = NULL, exec = FALSE)



A unifir_script object, created by make_script or returned by an add_prop_* function.


The internal name to use for the C# method created. Will be randomly generated if not set.


Logical: Should the C# method be included in the set executed by MainFunc?


The unifir_script object passed to script, with an AddTexture

method appended.


# First, create a script object.
# CRAN doesn't have Unity installed, so pass
# a waiver object to skip the Unity-lookup stage:
script <- make_script("example_script",
  unity = waiver()

# Now add props:
script <- add_texture(script)

# Lastly, execute the script via the `action` function