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Import assets into Unity.


import_asset(script, asset_path, lazy = TRUE)



A unifir_script object, created by make_script or returned by an add_prop_* function.


The file path to the asset to import. If a directory, the entire directory will be recursively copied. Note that this function doesn't have a method_name argument: the asset_path is used as the method name. This function is not currently vectorized; call it separately for each asset you need to import.


Boolean: if TRUE, unifir will attempt to only copy the files once per run of a script; if FALSE, unifir will copy the files as many times as requested, overwriting pre-existing files each time.


script with a new prop.


# First, create a script object.
# CRAN doesn't have Unity installed, so pass
# a waiver object to skip the Unity-lookup stage:
script <- make_script("example_script",
  unity = waiver()

# CRAN also doesn't have any props to install,
# so we'll make a fake prop location:
prop_directory <- file.path(tempdir(), "props")

# Now add props:
script <- import_asset(script, prop_directory)

# Lastly, execute the script via the `action` function