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Functions package providing manipulation and application of the DoOR.



Type help(package = DoOR.functions) to see a complete list of datasets and functions. Below is what you need for a quick start.

First, load the DoOR packages, data and function package:


then, load all datasets including the precomputed response matrix:

load_door_data:Load all data into current active environment (function comes with .

or, load all odorant reseponse data into a list:

load2list:Load odorant response data only and compose them as a list.

Try some visualizations (e.g. producing the plots from the paper):

dplot_al_map:response to a chemical mapped onto an image of the antennal lobe.
dplot_compare_profiles:compare the results of two studies.
dplot_response_matrix:Dot Plot of Odorant Responses Across Receptors.
dplot_response_profile:bar plot: one receptor, all chemicals.
dplot_tuningCurve:pyramid diagram depicting a receptor's tuning breadth.

Try some queries:

get_responses:given a chemical, get original responses from all studies in the database.
get_normalized_responses:given a chemical, get normalised responses from all studies in the database.

In case you wish to create your own response model (e.g. because you want to include your own datasets):

create_door_database:compute the complete response model for all receptors in the database (calls model_response for all receptors).
model_response:run the DoOR algorithm, that merges all measurements for one receptor.

Estimate odorant responses:

estimate_missing_value:estimate NA entries in a consensus response data.

Project the model response values back to tested values:

back_project:project the model response values back to tested values.

Introduce new data into DoOR and update the supported data sets:

import_new_data:import new data into DoOR, and update the weight, response range and receptor names.
update_door_database:update response matrix by calculating new consensus response data for a given receptor.

See the Vignettes and the help pages for more documentation.

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