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Visualise the whole dataframe, class, and missing data

Tools for creating preliminary visualisations to “get a look at the data”

Visualises a data.frame to tell you what it contains.

Focus on the missing data

Specifically display information about the missingness

Visualise a data.frame to display missingness.

Compare two dataframes

Only takes dataframes of the same dimensions

Visually compare two dataframes and see where they are different.

Visualise whether a value you expect is in a data frame

Visualise where certain conditions or values are TRUE in your data.

Visualise whether a value is in a data frame

Visualise correlations in a dataframe

Show the correlation amongst variables in simple function

Visualise correlations amongst variables in your data as a heatmap

Display the best guess of what each cell contains

Potentially reveal other classes in your dataset

Visualise type guess in a data.frame